General resources to help you

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office ) free!

Everyone seems to think you have to pay to use Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint…. Well you don’t! You just need a Microsoft Account (Hotmail, Live or Outlook) to access the web based version. And you get 5Gb of free cloud storage.

Image of the Google logo


This is the most popular search engine. Others are available, but this is the main starting point for most people. You can also search for images or use Google Lens to search on a photo on your phone, translating street signs, scanning QR codes etc.

Image of the DeepL Logo

Translate texts & full document files instantly. Accurate translations for individuals and teams. Millions translate with DeepL every day.

Image of the Youtube logo

How to videos on day to day tasks, reviews, education and more. Just be mindful that not everything you see is true. Make sure you fact check things.

Image of the wikipedia logo

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world.

Image of the google maps logo

Use Google Maps for planning routes, checking public transport times, using Street View to familiarise yourself with an area, helping if you get lost and more.

Image of the BBC Logo

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC for short, are a TV and radio broadcaster. Online they offer video and audio streaming of their services, which do still require a TV license. They also offer news and weather reporting.

Image of the trust Pilot Website

Trustpilot is a reviews website, allowing users to post reviews of businesses worldwide. This is a good place to check out a business before using them.

Image of the Paypal Logo

PayPal is a financial company allowing businesses and users to easily transfer money online. It is a common payment method offered by businesses as an alternative to giving them your credit card details directly.

Image of the Amazon website logo

Amazon are a massive worldwide online retailer. As well as selling products directly, they offer a marketplace for other users and businesses to sell new and used products to consumers. They offer many other services, including Kindle eBooks, Prime Video and Audible audio books.

Image of the ebay logo

eBay are a worldwide online auction site. It allows individuals and businesses to sell items online, and is commonly used by people to buy and sell used items like books, toys and electronics.

Image of the Argos logo

Argos are a catalogue based retailer who were founded in 1972. Today they are also an online retailer, allowing customers to get products delivered to their home or collect from a store.

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