Who are Access4all?

Access4all was set up in 2022 as a project to increase digital inclusion for service users within Framework.

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What is digital inclusion?

Digital inclusion refers to people’s ability to access and effectively use digital technology and resources.

In the United Kingdom, digital inclusion plays a crucial part in promoting equality and opportunity. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2021, approximately 7% of households in the UK did not have internet access. Furthermore, the Good Things Foundation reported that around 9 million adults in the UK lacked basic digital skills in 2020. These statistics highlight the importance of addressing digital exclusion and promoting digital inclusion, to create a fair and inclusive society.

Why digital inclusion is important:

  • Equal access: Digital inclusion ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or location, has equal access to digital technologies, information, and services.
  • Education and employment: Digital skills are increasingly essential in education and the job market. Being digitally included provides opportunities for learning; accessing online educational resources; and participating in the digital economy.
  • Economic empowerment: Digital inclusion enables individuals to access online job opportunities, remote work, and digital platforms for entrepreneurship, contributing to economic growth and reducing disparities.
  • Health and well-being: Digital inclusion allows individuals to access vital health information, telemedicine services, online health resources, and support networks, improving health outcomes and well-being.
  • Social connection: Digital inclusion facilitates social connections, enabling individuals to connect with friends, family, and communities globally. It helps combat social isolation and improves social well-being.
  • Access to services: Being digitally included ensures access to government services, banking, e-commerce, and other online services, providing convenience, efficiency, and cost savings.
  • Digital literacy: Promoting digital inclusion also includes fostering digital literacy skills, empowering individuals to navigate the digital world confidently and critically evaluate online information.

Digital inclusion is not only about access but also about empowering individuals with the skills and resources necessary to participate fully in the digital society. By addressing digital exclusion, we can create a more inclusive and connected  future for all.

How Access4all can help you

To improve the digital inclusion of our service users across our organisation, we have created numerous opportunities for service users to either access digital tech or by providing skills sessions to train people on how to use it more effectively.

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Here’s how you can engage with Access4all to improve your digital inclusion:

  1. Access the laptops and computers in your service: Access4all has distributed laptops to almost every service across Framework specifically for residents. Use these devices when you like to access resources on the internet, look for housing or engage in meaningful social contact.
  2. Visit a Digital Data Centre: Access4all has set up digital skills centres in various locations, including hostels, to provide access to computers in more central locations. Check your closest location and make use of these centres.
  3. Attend digital skills workshops: Access4all holds regular digital skills workshops where you can learn essential digital skills, such as using email, browsing the internet, creating documents or more advanced skills. These workshops provide hands-on training and guidance from knowledgeable instructors.
  4. Seek one-on-one support: If you require personalised assistance, Framework offers one-on-one support sessions where you can work with a dedicated support team member to address specific digital challenges you may be facing. They can provide guidance tailored to your needs and help you navigate the digital world with confidence.
  5. Engage in online learning platforms: Framework partners with online learning platforms such as Learn My Way to provide access to a wide range of digital courses. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge and acquire new skills.
  6. Volunteer with Framework: If you have developed strong digital skills through your engagement with Framework, consider volunteering with the organisation. Share your knowledge and support others in their digital inclusion journey. This experience can further enhance your skills and provide a sense of fulfilment.

Remember, Access4all is there to support you every step of the way in your digital inclusion journey. Take advantage of the available opportunities, engage with the organisation, and embrace the power of digital technology to transform your life.

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