A Picture of IT equipmet

Access IT resources

As a service user in Framework there are many different ways you can access digital equipment and the internet. Explore to discover ways to do this and additional digital resources we can offer you.

A laptop being used.

You can access IT equipment all across Framework!

As a service user you have access to lots of IT equipment across Framework. To find out how you can access IT, click below.

A Picture of SIM's

Free SIMs and data packages

As a Framework service user you are entitled to free SIMs and data. These include free minutes and texts as well as up to 40GB of data per month for 6 months.

A picture of a phone being diagnosed for problems

Get support fixing your existing IT equipment

We can offer support fixing or upgrading your existing IT equipment.
We can also help with new IT purchases so you can get the right equipment for the right price.

A picture of numerous pieces of IT equipment

Additional IT equipment
you can access

There is additional IT equipment in Framework you can access. If you need a piece of IT equipment or can make use of some of the equipment we have please get in touch.

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